Convolvulus arvensis (Field Bindweed) - photos and description

Flowers beginning to fade at 1:15 p.m.

Flowers often tinged with pink.

Calyx not enclosed in two large bracts as in Saskatchewan's other Convolvulaceae species.

Leaves have have a more or less arrowhead shape. 

General: Low, perennial plant with twining stems. Stems are angled and glabrous. Designated as a noxious weed in Saskatchewan.

Flowers: Flowers funnel-form, white, often tinged with pink, scented, we measured flowers to 24 mm diameter.

Leaves: Leaves have a more or less arrowhead shape, we photographed the leaf in the centre of the above image at 32 mm long by 16 mm wide. Leaves alternate. Top of leaves glabrous, bottom of leaves and petioles sparingly hairy.

Height: Length of stems not given in Budd's Flora, we measured stems to 63 cm long.

Habitat: Fields and waste ground.

Abundance: Common.

Origin: Introduced.

When and where photographed: We took the above photos July 13th and 14th on disturbed soil beside road, University of Regina in our home city of Regina, SK.