Cryptantha celosioides (Clustered Oreocarya) - photos and description


One plant in above photo, 25 cm wide







General: Small, upright, hairy plant with greyish-green leaves, single to several stems from the crown.

Flowers: White flowers with a white eye grow in a dense spike. We measured flowers to 10 mm diameter.

Leaves: Basal leaves narrowly spatulate 2.5 cm long, 4 mm wide. Upper leaves alternate, linear, 2 cm long and 3 mm wide.

Height: Height is listed in Budd's Flora to 30 cm, we measured plants to 14 cm tall.

Habitat: Dry hills and grassland.

Abundance: Common.

Origin: Native.

When and where photographed: Photos taken May 14th, steep prairie hilltop about 100 km south of Regina, SK, May 21st, on grassy hilltops, Frenchman River Valley, west block of the Grasslands National Park, 400 km southwest of Regina, SK, and grassy slope east block of the Grasslands National Park, 300 km southwest of Regina, SK, May 25th hillside Qu'Appelle Valley about 80 km west of Regina, SK, and May 26th hill top in the Qu'Appelle Valley about 35 km north of our home in Regina, SK.