Gentianopsis crinita (Fringed Gentian) - photos and description








General: Annual or biennial plant with an upright growth habit. Plants often branching, stems glabrous.

Flowers: Flowers terminal on long peduncles, up to 5 cm long, purple-blue in colour, petal edges fringed.

Leaves: Leaves all cauline, opposite, stalkless, lanceolate, glabrous, measured to 6.5 cm long and 1 cm wide.

Height: Height listed in Budd's Flora to 50 cm, we've measured these plants growing to 70 cm tall.

Habitat: Sunny locations in grassy bogs, fens and marshes.

Abundance: Common.

Origin: Native.

Synonym: Listed in some of the field guides we use as Gentianella crinita, Gentianopsis macounii.

When and where photographed: Took the above photos August 7th and August 24th, in a grassy, wet ditch, about 450 km northeast of our home in Regina, SK.