Lobelia kalmii (Kalm's Lobelia) - photos and description





Stem leaf in above photo

Basal leaf in above photo

General: Plants with simple, glabrous stems, a slender growth habit, and a basal rosette of leaves.

Flowers: Grow in a loose raceme, have an irregular shape, the lip is 3-lobed. The corolla is purple-blue, the lower lip with a white centre. Begins flowering in July.

Leaves: The basal leaves are present early in the year, are spatulate, with a few small teeth, we measured a basal leaf at 20 mm long by 3 mm wide. The stem leaves are alternate, linear, we measured a stem leaf to the same length, 20 mm long and 3 mm wide.

Height: Height listed in Budd's Flora to 30 cm, I measured plants to 25 cm tall.

Habitat: Forest bogs, mossy wetlands, and wet prairie meadows.

Abundance: Fairly common.

Origin: Native.

When and where photographed: Took the above photos July 5th in wet grassland about 70 km southeast of Regina, SK, July 22nd bog in Duck Mountain Provincial Park 300 km northeast of our home in Regina, SK, and August 5th wet meadow about 450 km northeast of our home in Regina, SK.