Lonicera dioica (Twining Honeysuckle) - photos and description








General: Twining plants with woody older stems.

Flowers: Showy, yellow or orange in colour, tubular, growing in terminal clusters. We measured a flower at 23 mm long.

Leaves: Most leaves are opposite, obovate to oval, and have short petioles. We measured a large leaf at 9.5 cm long by 5.5 cm wide. The last one or two pairs of leaves nearest the stem tips are joined at their bases forming a cup around the stem and/or at the base of flower clusters. Leaves are hairless on top, pubescent below.

Height: Height (or stem length) not given in Budd's Flora, we've measured plants to 185 cm tall.

Habitat: Woodlands.

Abundance: Common.

Origin: Native.

When and where photographed: The above photos where taken June 25th, aspen woods, Parklands, about 70 km southeast of our home in Regina, SK.