Sagittaria cuneata (Arrowhead) - photos and description





Bracts of the inflorescence lanceolate in shape


General: Aquatic perennial, inflorescence about as tall as the leaves. Plants rhizomatous and glabrous.

Flowers: Flowering stems to 34 cm tall. Flowers in clusters of 3 on the stem. We measured flowers to 25 mm diameter. Bracts of the inflorescence are lanceolate, the bract highlighted in photo above was 13 mm long and 3 mm wide.

Leaves: Are basal, broad, arrow-shaped leaves with long petioles. The blade of the leaf highlighted in photo above was 11 cm long and 4.5 cm wide.

Height: Height listed in Flora of Alberta to 40 cm, we measured plants to 45 cm tall.

Habitat: Muddy shores and shallow waters across the prairies and parklands.

Abundance: Common.

Origin: Native.

When and where photographed: The above photos were taken July 15th in a sluggish, shallow creek, about 100 km west of our home in Regina, SK.