Sanicula marilandica (Snakeroot) - photos and description



Basal leaf in above photo

Stem leaf in above photo

General: Erect woodland perennial with simple stems. Plants glabrous.

Flowers: Flowers are small, yellowish-white in colour and grow in globose, compound umbels. Individual flower measured at 5 mm diameter, and umbellet measured at 15 mm. Flowers appear in late June.

Leaves: Basal leaves are long-stalked, palmate, having 5-7 leaflets, basal leaf highlighted in photo above was 9 cm diameter. Stem leaves alternate, palmate, leaflets cuneate, sharp toothed, we measured a leaflet at 5 cm long and 2 cm wide. Stem leaves sessile, palmate, stem leaf highlighted in photo above was 7 cm diameter.

Height: Height listed in Budd's Flora to 100 cm, we measured plants to 78 cm tall.

Habitat: Moist woodlands.

Abundance: Common.

Origin: Native.

When and where photographed: These photos were taken in boreal forest in east-central Saskatchewan on July 1st, about 400 km north east of our home in Regina, SK.