Townsendia exscapa (Low Townsendia) - photos and description






General: Low-growing, acaulescent plants, with a tufted growth habit. Plant is described as perennial in all our field guides. I have grown this from seed for several years from wild collected seed in our rock garden, the plants have always been biennial.

Flowers: Flower heads showy, bright white, we measured a flower head to 3 cm in diameter.

Leaves: Leaves all basal, are linear to narrowly spatulate, to 3 cm long including petiole, and 2 mm wide. Leaves are pubescent top and bottom, giving the foliage a greyish green colour.

Height: Not applicable.

Habitat: Prairie hilltops.

Abundance: Fairly common, ranked as an S4 by the Saskatchewan Conservation Data Centre. Uncommon to rare in our experience.

Origin: Native.

When and where photographed: Photos taken May 12th and May 13th on the grassy slopes of the Qu'Appelle Valley, 35 km north of Regina, SK and May 17th on a stony hillside, Buffalo Grass Eco Reserve, 200 km southeast of our home in Regina, SK.