Tripterocalyx micranthus (Sand Verbena) - photos and description


Looking straight down on plant

Fuzz is from nearby Cottonwoods gone to seed


Bracts lance-shaped

Fruit enclosed inside papery wings




General: Annual branching at the base, with a prostrate to decumbent growth habit. Stems pale. Plants are glandular pubescent.

Flowers: Flowers grow in umbels from leaf axils, they are greenish-white, tubular, with 4 or 5 spreading lobes at tip. There are  5 bracts at the base of umbel, bracts lance-shaped with an abrupt tip. We measured a flower at 10 mm long by 4 mm wide, and measured a bract at 10 mm long.

Leaves: Leaves opposite, lanceolate, leaf measured at 45 mm long by 22 mm wide.

Height: Stem length listed in Flora of Alberta to 60 cm long, I  measured stems to 20 cm long.

Habitat: Sand dunes.

Abundance: This plant is very rare, ranked as an S2 (as of 2021) by the Saskatchewan Conservation Data Centre. 

Origin: Native.

When and where photographed: Above photos taken June 15th, sand dunes, about 300 km west of our home in Regina, SK.