Plants with white flowers and basal leaves - forest


(Round Leaved Orchid)

Aralia nudicaulis

(Wild Sarsparilla)

Coptis trifolia


Drosera rotundifolia

(Round-leaved Sundew)

Fragaria vesca

(Woodland Strawberry)

Fragaria virginiana

(Wild Strawberry)

Goodyera oblongifolia

(Rattlesnake Plantain)

Goodyera repens

(Lesser Rattlesnake Plantain)

Malaxis monophyllos
var. brachypoda

(White Adder's Mouth)

Micranthes occidentalis

(Rhomboid-leaved Saxifrage)

Micranthes pensylvanica

(Swamp Saxifrage)

Moneses uniflora

(One-Flowered Wintergreen)

Orthilia secunda

(One-Sided Wintergreen)

Parnassia palustris

(Grass of Parnassus)

Platanthera orbiculata

(Round-Leaved Bog Orchid)

Pyrola chlorantha


Pyrola elliptica

(Common Shinleaf)

Spiranthes lacera

(Slender Lady's Tresses)

Spiranthes romanzoffiana

(Hooded Lady's-Tresses)

Viola blanda

(Large-leaved White Violet)

Viola canadensis var.

(Western Canada Violet)

Viola macloskeyi

(Northern White Violet)

Viola renifolia

(Kidney-Leaved Violet)